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All player characters spawn here upon logging in to the game for the first time. Dungeons and fields are dominated by steam technology.
Protect the Grunty Farm! [Quest]
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The newly risen New Fort Ouph rests within this server, as well as the root town, Dol Dona, home to [The World]'s beastmen. Dungeons and Fields are dominated by nature and ruins.
Θ Hidden Forbidden Hades
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Phi's root town is Mag Civialis, also known as the City of Mages. Dungeons and fields are dominated by elemental magic and challenge players with their extreme environments.
Φ Roaring Daybreak's Dragonbein
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CC.Corp HQ: Tokyo, Japan
Play out anything related to your character outside the game. It doesn't matter whether you'd like to play with someone, or by yourself. Single-player threads are allowed in this board.
Who is good, Who is evil
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A village overrun by evil spirits, frozen in time. A Spirit Master desperate to save it. Will you help lift the curse on this poor village and save its doomed fate? Don't forget to grab some candy apples on the way!
An Attempt At Relaxation [Lucky Cat Inn]