Custom Skill Workshop and Guideliens have been added to the Misc Information subboard in Game Guide.

Join us for Games and Movie Night over at Discord between 10am and 10pm EST.

Added skill changes to Harvest Cleric and Cardinal Host. All God Skills have been revamped.

New The World Event underway: Red Knot Festival

A new rumor has been added to the Rumors Board.

Props of The World have been aded to the Game Guide Misc Information board.
Red Knot Festival
A new festival is currently underway! Go on a date with a special someone, have a fun time with friends or family, or try out the new skills system to your hearts content.

Episode 5: World of Memories
Players have reached the halfway point in the Moon Cave Event. What's Sid up to now?

Design-A-Pet Contest
Congratulations to Firo and the winning pet, ASCA "Hecatoncheir"! Additional pets that will be added to The World's roster: Pippy Parade by Glinda and Sunshine Sprite by Burgundy.

Episode 5: World of Memories
Δ Hidden Forbidden Bulwark has been closed down and is now a [Restricted Area]

Episode 5: World of Memories
A new root town as been discovered from Theta Server's main gate!


Game Guide

Here is were you'll find all the information you'll need on how to play the game as well as lore, time lines.

Sub-boards: misc-information, episodes

Custom Skills [Guidelines] by CC Corp on Jul 22, 2020 19:24:22 GMT -5
The World

This is where you'll post your character application after reading through our rules and guidelines. Contained are application form templates, our list of face claims, a small list of suggested face claims, and rules on Restricted Playable Characters.

Sub-boards: data-manager, character-files

Mímir_Wavemaster by CC Corp on May 21, 2021 13:21:42 GMT -5

Launch The World

Delta Server

[lv1-25] All player characters spawn here upon logging in to the game for the first time. Its root town is Mac Anu, a large city laced with waterways. Dungeons and fields are dominated by steam technology.

Sub-boards: mac-anu, pre-made-fields, moon-cave

Δ Sinking Passed Over Phantom by Tear on Jul 1, 2021 17:48:58 GMT -5
Theta Server

[lv26-lv50] The newly risen New Fort Ouph rests within this server, as well as the root town, Dol Dona, home to [The World]'s beastmen. Dungeons and Fields are dominated by nature and ruins.

Sub-boards: dol-dona, new-fort-ouph, pre-made-fields

Θ Standing Familiar Shadow by Noblesse on Sept 4, 2020 0:52:11 GMT -5
Phi Server

[lv51-lv75] Phi's root town is Mag Civialis, also known as the City of Mages. Dungeons and fields are dominated by elemental magic and challenge players with their extreme environments.

Sub-boards: mag-civialis, pre-made-fields, red-knot-festival

Who Let the Dogs Out? [Clear Sky Pagoda] by Wren on Jul 26, 2020 13:41:39 GMT -5
Outside the Game

[All lvls] Play out anything related to your character outside the game. It doesn't matter whether you'd like to play with someone, or by yourself. Single-player threads are allowed in this board.

Sub-board: profiles

Face Claims [Real Life] by Tear on Jul 6, 2021 21:07:19 GMT -5

Community Forum

The World BBS

[IC Board] A forum for players to exchange information or discuss the game. An excellent place to find allies as a beginner. The BBS is not affiliated with CC Corp, meaning it's possible to post topics that would be too sensitive to bring up elsewhere. You can also use this forum to search for clues regarding the plot and The World.

Sub-board: looking

RAID BOSS! :O by Tear on Jul 2, 2021 9:09:51 GMT -5
Mail Station

[IC Board] Send emails to friends you've met while playing The World. Plan a meet-up, talk about your adventures, or send one of our fancy greeting cards!

To: Date H. by ageha on Aug 17, 2020 19:37:02 GMT -5

Out Of Character


Need help creating your character? Take a look around. Perhaps the information here can help you. Resources may include things such as beastman fc lists, weapon designs, character ideas, adoptables, etc... Members are welcomed to post resources for everyone's benefit.

Sub-board: Graphics Corner

Default Icons for Original Characters by CC Corp on Jun 21, 2020 7:25:50 GMT -5
Thread Database

All finished or abandoned area, event, hosted dungeon, and important plot-related threads are stored here after cleaning. If you have a thread you can and want to revive, search for them here.

Sub-boards: Ann Archives, BBS Archives, Mail Archival, Area Archives

No posts have been made on this board.

All advertisements go here. Guest-friendly!

Sub-boards: first-timers, linking-back

Ninja Tales! by NTStaff on Sept 16, 2021 2:15:11 GMT -5

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