Dol Dona is first Root town of Theta Server, built atop a fallen fragment of Fort Ouph. This city is all but overgrown with wilderness; Beastmen comprise most of its population. A village of sprites is hidden somewhere in the city.
Rock-Em Sock-Em Beast Men [QUEST]
A newly discovered root town of Theta Server. The previously segmented Fort Ouph is now an immeasurably vast elven citadel of islands. The land encloses a heaven-reaching tree as if in silent protection. Its npc population is comprised entirely of elves.
A Lazy Glipse Towards the Heavens
These general areas are created by the CC Corp account for players to instantly post in. They are continuously recycled and are often the grounds for npc encounters and plot events.
Θ Hidden Forbidden Hades
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Infinity_Notice_25 [New Level Scaling]
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  Θ Inviting Insatiable Gate
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  Θ Chasing Unlimited Conclusion
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  Θ Unseen Fortune's Route [Quest]
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  Θ Reaching Eternity's Grey Dance
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