Mag Civialis

Also called the City of Mages, it was built into the face of a mountain long ago through magical means. All those who wish to learn the truths of magic travel to its great libraries. In the central plaza is the Library Tower, reaching above the clouds.

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Pre-made Fields

These general areas are created by the CC Corp account for players to instantly post in. They are continuously recycled and are often the grounds for npc encounters and plot events.

Φ Hidden Forbidden Dragonbein by CC Corp on Jul 15, 2020 17:58:07 GMT -5
Red Knot Festival

A lighthearted celebration held to commemorate the happy union of friends, families, and lovers. Inside is the event area, Jade City, where all threads pertaining to the Red Knot Festival take place.

Who Let the Dogs Out? [Clear Sky Pagoda] by Wren on Jul 26, 2020 13:41:39 GMT -5

Phi Server

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